The Impact of ELD Mandate on A Total Mobility Solution

Are you ready for December 18?

December 18 is an important date for fleet managers. It’s the day this year’s Electronic Logging Devices mandate goes into effect.

Fleets need to know how it will impact them, and how to implement the new standards that come with the ELD. This goes beyond simply choosing the right devices and software to manage your data. Fleets also need to consider how to secure those devices inside a vehicle.

That’s why Havis has created its new white paper, The Impact of EDL on a Total Mobility Solution, a new white paper to help fleets prepare for the mandate.

Inside you’ll find an extensive list of docking and mounting considerations, including:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Integration
  • Guidance and support

We hope that this white paper will offer you a new understanding of how to prepare your fleet for this important change.